Weekly Music To Keep Your Earbuds Pumping

Our first playlist of 2017! Lots of new music to get into that was released over the holiday break. Plenty of old favorites have new records coming out this year, and the singles have been worth some excitement. This week we check in with ATL rap gods Migos, R&B crooner August Alsina who’s back from a hiatus, Dirty Projectors beautiful new video, the always consistent The xx, and an exciting voice from Tennessee Valerie June.


1. Migos – T-shirt

Wow. Migos are 3 for 3 with the singles for Culture (due on Jan 27). “Bad And Boujee” rode an amazing meme wave to become the #1 song on the charts, and it already looks like “17 5 same color t-shirt” could become as ubiquitous as “rain drop, drop top.” Regardless of what your backpack rap friend tells you, Migos are some of the most technically adept rappers out there and their songwriting never fails to impress.


2. August Alsina – Drugs

August Alsina is a stalwart of modern R&B. Drugs is a spaced out, vibey take on the classic “love is addictive” theme. The New Orleans singer is promising that this isn’t a single, merely a warm up for things to come; so expect more new music from August this year.


3. Dirty Projectors – Little Bubble

Dirty Projectors are back it with an amazing song and beautifully shot video accompaniment. This stripped down ditty shows off David Longstreth’s vocal abilities and ear for interesting harmonies. DP is one of those bands whose sound is hard to compartmentalize into a singular genre, and therefore can be easily appreciated by pop, rock, or rap heads alike.


4. The xx  – “Say Something”

I’m always willing to hear new music from The xx. For my money they’ve never released a quantifiably bad song. This teaser from their upcoming album starts up where 2012’s Coexist left off. Their sound hasn’t changed an awful lot since their 2009 self-titled debut, but the polished consistency always makes them a worthwhile listen.


5. Valerie June – Shakedown

Valerie June is a multi instrumentalist folk / country singer from Memphis. This blues banger is only a small look into her repertoire, which spans all types of country music. Her thin haunting voice is like Loretta Lynn mixed with Joanna Newsome. Her next record is out in March and will surely dip into all sorts of Americana genres.