Meet Your Little Brother's Favorite Rapper

Ugly God is a postmodern underground rap phenomenon. To grasp his appeal you must already understand and appreciate Soulja Boy (his self-stated biggest influence), and you should probably bow to the altar of Lil B (his self-stated father). He’s released 11 songs. They’ve been played almost 30 million times. They cover a range of high minded topics like masturbation, his small phallus, observing a derriere from a distance, appreciating said derriere more than breasts, and most importantly: water.

Ugly God’s songs are funny. They’re the dirty limericks a class clown might recite in a locker room. They’re immature, and vulgar, and filled with the self-deprecation of a kid who understands his own luck. He’s laughing at you because you think you’re laughing at him. Rap purists might write him off, as they compare him to Nas or Biggie; but a fairer comparison for Ugly God might be to early Blink-182. Teenagers (or your inner teenager) love him for the same reasons they’d love Cheshire Cat.

“Expect water bein thrown in their faces.”

His show in LA at The Roxy (put on by Skullcandy, The Masked Gorilla, and DC Shoes) was a riotous affair. The sold out venue barely fit the throng of sweaty teens who don’t see rap show mosh pits as a novelty, but a necessity. Party Promoter / Cat Owner / All-Around-Rap-Dad, Adamgoesham (of Ham On Everything) started the night with a sharply curated set, dropping seemingly every staple song of this niche rap scene in a span of 15 minutes. Artsy as fuck, multimedia impresario and rapper Yung Jake, took the stage next and delivered a powerhouse set. Be sure to check out the ultra creative video for “Both.”

Ugly God then took the stage, feeding off the room’s palpable energy. He ran through every song on his SoundCloud, and even if he hadn’t felt like rapping a single word, the audience would have done it for him. With the overwhelming adoration of his audience, it’s easy to forget he’s the same age as most of the attendees until you see him jump into the audience; an ugly deity on stage, a peer in the crowd.

Before the show I had a chance to talk to Ugly God about his meteoric rise.

I have to say: your viral sensation reputation preceded your music for me, because the first thing of yours I saw, before I even knew you were a rapper, was one of the many videos you have putting lizards on your nose (gang gang). How long you been doing that? How did you even figure out you can do that?
Yo, I did that since I was a little kid actually bruh. I did that shit my whole life. Now, once I grew up and got the resources to put it on the internet, I just recorded it. Just recorded some shit I always been doing and it went farther then I thought. At the end of the day it turned out to be great marketing.

It definitely was great marketing, very memorable. So you play basketball right? Have a 6A State championship ring and 2 MVPs…
Yeah I hoop. I was a small forward.

If you were making a team of rappers to hoop with, who would be starting on the squad?
Well shit I don’t know how well they can play but I would run with my homies…in fact Dex, Famous Dex, he can ball. He’s good. Um…Boat the Goat.

Lil Yachty?

“Yeah, make people feel stupid.”

Can Lil Yachty hoop?
I dunno if he can…in fact I was told he was sorry, but he’s my homie, so I’ma pick him up. But we not gonna pass him the ball though. Lemme see, Trill Sammy. That’s my homie, and he’s tall. I don’t know if he can ball but he got the height.

Maybe he could box somebody out.
He might even be able to dunk that bitch. So me, Sammy, Yachty, Dex…and who else…[points at a friend quietly sitting across from us] and my best friend right here. He ain’t a rapper but fuck it.

Did you want to go to college to play ball?
Well, what I actually went to school for was computer engineering and web development. I got a full ride for that shit.

Oh for real?
Yeah, I’m a smart coooooon. [He emphasizes and stretches the epithet for irony]

Saw your flex tweet about only having 10 songs, but almost 30 million plays on Soundcloud and each song individually having over 1 mil.
Yeah, make people feel stupid.

It’s so rare to get so big so fast. I mean, you’re fresh out of high school, did you expect things to be going this way?
Hell nah. I feel like if anybody says they expected it, they either are lying or their confidence is on, like, a thousand. Because it just happens to people. Like I feel like it just randomly happens to random people.

Do you feel like you were ready for it though?
[In a tone of almost guilty admission] Hell no. The shit just…I dunno…everything just happened, the shit like tackled my ass honestly. But I’m having a lot of fun with it.

“But see, I’m the Ugly God though.” 

I always see you posting screenshots of people, often famous rap folks, that you’re FaceTiming with. Is that really your preferred method of communication?
Oh yeah. I don’t give a fuck, you could be the baddest girl on earth and I’m just not gonna text you back. I could FaceTime all day though.

Man I hate FaceTiming cuz I feel like I always gotta look nice or something.
But see, I’m the Ugly God though. So I don’t give a fuck.

There’s a term, that I personally don’t like at all, getting thrown around in the rap world right now. People are starting to refer to a lot of folks from this newest generation of rappers as “mumble rap.” Was wondering if you’d heard that term and how you feel about it.
Yeah, I’ve heard that. It’s not mumble rap if you can understand what the fuck I’m saying. It’s disrespectful. It’s some hatin ass shit. And at the end of the day I bet a lot of people calling it mumble rap are secretly fans trying to force themselves to hate it.

Is La’Quenta mad at you?
[Lets out a big laugh] Ayyye haha shout out La’Quenta. Nah she not mad at me.

[Laughing with him] You destroyed her Instagram.
Hahahaha you see the comments? [We both fall out laughing] Even now when she posts shit. But nah she not mad. Me and her are just really cool. I never even really tried to…ya know. Me and her were really just homies, she had a boyfriend when we went to prom, but she was in high school and her boyfriend was too old to go. I was the last minute replacement. But nah I think she’s up to like 12K [followers] now.

What can people expect from the Booty Tape (the highly anticipated debut tape)?
Some fire as features, some fire ass songs produced by me, and I’m not gonna reveal any more.

What can the people expect from an Ugly God performance?
They can expect water bein thrown in their faces, me jumping and turning the fuck up.


Couldn’t make it out to this show? Don’t worry about it, we we got you backstage with Ugly God, talking about snapchat DM’s, broken phones, and the election. Watch the insanity of his sold out show at the Roxy. Thanks Ugly God.