Toronto Talent Gives Us A Glimpse into His Dreamscape


“Yo yo, how you guys doing?” Not famous first words by any means, but for River Tiber, dressed in a plain tee and baseball cap, it fit. The multi-instrumentalist isn’t here for small talk; he’s about the music. Accordingly, within moments of stepping onto the stage, he began strumming and singing.

Equipped with only a computer and guitar, River Tiber, also known as Tommy Paxton-Beesley, gives new meaning to the concept of a one-man show. The singer-songwriter-producer stopped by Baby’s All Right on December 9 for our final #STAYLOUD Live Session of the year. Don’t worry if you missed it, we live streamed the entire thing. Watch the live stream in full here. It’s one of those ‘can’t miss performances’.

There’s something elegant about Beesley, the way he seamlessly mixes live vocals and guitar with electronic beats and backup. None of the elements overpower one another; rather, they align in soulful synchronicity.

Watch his performance of ‘No Talk.’

As Beesley plays, he enters a trance-like state, but instead of alienating his audience, he pulls them in closer. “We’ll all be in the same dream, all the colors glowing,” he sang, which seemed to reflect upon this communal dream world as multi-colored lights illuminated the rapt faces in the audience.

Beesley’s set wasn’t all introspective reveries. Halfway through, he slung his guitar around his neck and began deejaying, making up the beat as he went along.

“I only want you when you let me go,” he sang, softly and slowly at first, then speeding up until the lyric became a mantra, desperate and pleading. The emotional intensity of the moment filled the small stage until it overflowed into the audience. The crowd might have been drowning in his melodic waves, but they didn’t seemed to mind.

When his hour-long set came to a close, Beesley set down his guitar and slunked into the darkness of Baby’s All Right. Beesley is mysterious, but with his star undoubtedly on the rise, we have a feeling he’ll emerge from his musical shadowland to play for us again soon.