Mick Talks About His Brewery and Plans For 2017

Mick Fanning is suiting up at the carpark overlooking D-bah, and the surf is terrible. It’s basically flat, but he seems to be in good spirits. He slides into the lineup, says his hellos, and snags a wave every minute or two, managing to make knee high surf look exceptionally tempting. He’s out of the water in 30 minutes – a maintenance surf before heading to Lowers. But make no bones about it, Mick Fanning is on holiday.

One might not think that surfing in five Word Tour events over the course of a year constitutes a break. But for a guy like Fanning, who has meticulously fashioned every moment of every year for about fifteen years into a World Title run, this is vacation. And much needed considering the unthinkable highs and lows of 2015.


Thinking so many steps down the road, you sort of miss actually being where you are.


And Fanning has much to celebrate. After an emotional victory at Jeffreys Bay and the opportunity to venture off to Alaska and beyond, he can take a minute to enjoy the fruits of his labor and reflect on the year ahead. Maybe even relish in the uncertainty. Luckily, he and his mates have a brewery for that: Balter Brewing.

Balter’s Currumbin HQ, located about ten minutes from Fanning’s house, has a big smiley face on it, right under the word “BEER.” It’s hard not to smile when you see it.

I could end up in places I never thought I’d end up. For me, that’s exciting.

A project hatched by Fanning and childhood friends Bede Durbidge, Josh Kerr, and Joel Parkinson. Enlisting award-winning brewmaster Scott Hargrove meet us at the HQ for a taste.

We crack an XPA and cheers to 2017. No definite plans yet, says Fanning. But that’s how holiday should be.

It all appears to be something of a dream, and it’s hard to say which is more gratifying: winning three world titles or operating a successful beer company with his mates. He said when he started in surfing, he never expected to win one world title. Let alone three. It’d be fair to wager that he didn’t anticipate owning a brewery either.

This year has been about not making any plan.

“This year has been about not making any plan, and if something pops up I can just do it,” says Fanning. “I’m really excited I can just be a fan right now…If you’re going to have a holiday, you might as well have a proper holiday, even if I do get jealous of guys surfing Pipe.”

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